Following Live: Theory into Practice November 2019

Every month I will pick a futures market and a currency market for us to follow. At the end of each month, I will review these markets to see what we can learn and pick 2 more to follow for the next month. This is where we take theory and ground it into practice. This month’s charts will be Oil Futures and AUS/USD. I had done some previous posts: Map Any Market in Any Time Frame and Do It With Gaps, so we will use these basic methods for structuring our markets.

How you approach this or any exercise determines what you will get out of it. My objectives for this exercise are: to train in isolating relative structures, learn to set myself aside and follow price, learn to change with change as the market flows, learn to learn from price flow itself. I will put this Following Live segment into our newsletter every month, so subscribe if you’re not already on the list and want updates on these posts.