The Beauty Of Median Lines

Let us understand the principles of what Median Lines are and what they do, then we can own them and use them to trade in our own ways. Our goal in learning about Andrews Median Lines is to understand what Allan Andrews understood, not to mimic him or anybody else.

In the Mapping Any Market any time Frame series, I show how to map markets with swings. In this video, I show how Median Line sets describe and project these swings and how to read the market one swing at a time.

Map Any Market in Any Time Frame, Part 3 of 3

Changes in price flow are signaled when swings are broken—when a downswing is broken to the upside, for example. Seeing and making these distinctions intimately connects us to the rhythm of a market and offers the trader greater flexibility in trade options. In this last part of our three-part series on mapping markets in any time frame, we look at the anatomy minor swings and Last Swing Broke.

Summing up the series, we learned how to use swings to map any market in any time frame. This is a practical tool that can be readily applied by a trader at any level.

Map Any Market in Any Time Frame, Part 2 of 3

This is the second of our three-part series on Mapping Any Market in Any Time Frame. In Part I, we learned how to structure markets using only swings. Simple enough, but markets are not static. They are dynamic systems. This means any effort at mapping market structure has to also be dynamic. This is price flow. So we follow and, in following, we develop a connection to a market’s rhythms and learn to change with change. This is fundamentally one of the most important lessons in a trader’s education.

In this video, I introduce the practice of following live markets and highlight the basic tools for developing this practice.

The Uncertainty of Gaps, The Space Between What Was and What’sTo Be

In the last post, “Mapping Markets With Gaps” I showed you how to structure a market with Gaps and finished the video by marking out a few markets live. In this video Im going to follow up those charts and see what we can learn from what happened when price interacted with those levels. These are the kinds of things we do in the Language of Markets Live sessions in order to take what we are learning into practice and application. In the video, I also go over the three types of trade options related to gaps. You can see a video on the Three Types of Trades in the “Principles of Trading” section of the home page. Gaps show us an area of supply/demand imbalance that we can take trade advantage of in many ways once we understand them.

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