Learning To Be Wrong

Effective trading is not about trying to be right on each trade, it’s about being fluid in an everchanging market. When we approach each trade trying not to be wrong, there is a layer of fear that clouds how we see things and effects our every decision.

This video is a Clip From one of our Live Sessions where I talk about consciously practicing with being wrong while demonstrating on a live USD/JPY market. I give a practice exercise to loosen up this aversion. As traders, we are going to be wrong a lot so its best to dispell the shame of it so we can approach each trade with more clarity.

Riffing off of One Little Line

This is a clip from a recent Language of Markets Live session. The session was about Press Structures which show an agenda and then a supply/demand imbalance. In the first part of this video, I grab a live GBP/USD chart and show that when we can isolate simple structures on a chart, it can tune us right into how to trade it. These structures show you where an effort is made by buyers/sellers and where that effort can get reversed. Next, I use a mapped CAD/JPY that a member sent in to instruct how to see a swing level press structure and how that gives you a feel for what the buyers and sellers are doing in this market and where they are doing it.

Reading The GBP Part 2

In Part 1 of Reading The GBP, we learned how to read the story that price was telling by mapping simple relative swings. In Part two’s clip from our live session, we take that same market and include more data. The thing to remember is, no matter how much data you have on the chart, you can always structure a market to see the story that price is telling you. We do this by mapping minor and major swings. 



Reading The GBP Part 1

This is a clip from one of our Language of Markets Live sessions. It’s is an exercise where we describe the story that the GBP is telling. We take what looks like a chaotic market and structure it with simple swings to see it clearly, taking some of the crazy out. Once mapped with simple relative swings, you can read price, design your own trading plan and make intelligent trade decisions.

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