Andrews Median Line Tools: Standard ML Set And The Pullback ML.

I’m going to do a basic series on the Andrews Median Line tools we use. We will start with the standard Median Line set and then make the distinction for a pullback Median line set. Our objective is to see what Allan Andrews saw, not mimic him. We want to use our tools and not be used by them. Everything is about zoom retest, price going out to an extreme eliciting trader’s impulses, and then coming back eliciting trader’s impulses the other way. This is why most traders throughout history are on the wrong side of the market most of the time.

After The Storm: The E-Mini S&P Weekly

In the previous post to “Mapping The S&P E-Mini Weekly. It’s About Them, Not You“. We calmly mapped the weekly S&P E-Mini with swings right into the apex of the storm. In this video, we follow up on that along with the weekly stocks mapped (AAPL, VRTX, AVGO, SQ, BAC, and GILD). I used 2 simple techniques, swings, and where price came from. It’s not the method that’s important, its the presence clarity it can bring to our trade decisions.

The Beauty Of Median Lines

Let us understand the principles of what Median Lines are and what they do, then we can own them and use them to trade in our own ways. Our goal in learning about Andrews Median Lines is to understand what Allan Andrews understood, not to mimic him or anybody else.

In the Mapping Any Market any time Frame series, I show how to map markets with swings. In this video, I show how Median Line sets describe and project these swings and how to read the market one swing at a time.

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