Clip From Live Session: It’s All About Price, Not You

This is a clip for one of our Live Language of Markets sessions. It was an active day in the markets, so I used the opportunity to demonstrate and ground teachings in an S&P E-Mini market. I walk us through the process of calmly following and trading a market. I show that with an understanding of market structure, we can easily and quickly acclimate ourselves to any market. From there, we can follow the unfolding process of price flow smoothly, changing from long to short back and forth. We do this by making it all about price and what it wants instead of all about us and what we want. The next step is to trade when appropriate with discipline and consistency accepting stops and wins. We know ahead of time, what gets us in, how we will manage the trade, and how we will exit with 5:1 R/R.

Design Your Own Trading Methods: Part 4

In part 4 of “Design Your Own trading Methods”, we design a couple of setups based on what we have learned in the previous videos about the process of a swing cycle and its components. We will work with a range setup or a wash & rinse setup that has a powerful impulse and is in the pressure cooker zone or the clean air zone of a swing cycle. In the video, I show how to understand and identify the zones and the setups. Any setup needs your full understanding of it, so practice by studying hundreds of them.

Intuition Comes Unbidden

This comes from our Language of Markets Live session on 8/9/21 where we chose the GBP/USD 20 minute to do a lesson on how to map a market simply and objectively and to start with “what is”. The lesson was about much more than mechanically following objective instructions for a setup. It was about facilitating true learning. The focused, simple, and objective has the effect of relaxing our minds. It’s in this relaxation that intuition and our accumulated experiences become available to us in a way that brings a trade together.