Foundations of Trading Part 3: Andrews Median Line Tools

The Andrews Median Line is a simple tool that can be applied any instrument in any time frame. It beautifully describes and projects the process of a swing cycle. The Median Line simply bisects a price swing using the relationship from any 3 alternating pivots and then projects price back to its median to complete the swing cycle. If there are two extremes, (opposites) there must also be a center. I refer to Median Line tools cause there are a few basic types of Median line sets along with a some other lines tools. With a  thorough understanding of these tools and swing structure we can use them very purposefully fro particular situations.

Median Line Tools

  • Standard Median Line set
  • Pendulum Median Line set
  • Modified Schiff Median Line set
  • Reverse Median Line set
  • MPL – Multi-Pivot-Line
  • Action Reaction Lines
  • Sliding Parallel
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