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I've been trading for over 25 years and along the way, I have felt the pain and frustration that every trader feels as he or she learns to trade.  In the beginning, with all the enthusiasm of the novice trader, I immersed myself in every trading method and every trading school of thought, from fundamental analysis to technical analysis. Things would work for a while. And then they wouldn't.  Consistency evaded me. This was my path for more years than I like to count.

After enough pain, I quit investing in all the methods and all the systems and all the experts. They're dead things, I finally realized. They don't work in living, moving, dynamic markets. So I emptied myself of everything I had spent all those years learning and just looked at price with fresh eyes, without anything telling me what I was supposed to see or do. For the first time, I experienced how simple trading could be, and should be, and realized that everything we need to know in order to trade effectively is in the language of price. All we need to do is look and listen, let price be our teacher, and then structure this into a consistent and disciplined trading plan. 

At Language of Markets we teach you how to look and listen and learn from price itself so you can connect to the rhythm of markets, no matter what instrument or timeframe you're trading. We teach you how to look and how to see so that the only thing you need in order to trade is you.

—Shane Blankenship


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