Do you know a lot about the technical side of markets but still end up with inconsistent results? As traders, we need both technical knowledge and the ability to execute that knowledge consistently. Through discipline and consistency in your practice you can wear through the ingrained habits that negatively affect your trading results. This course will change the structure of your mental environment, changing how you experience markets, trading, and risk, and finally, leading to more consistent results in your actual trading. There are 4 parts to the course, each part will be released as it is finished.

The Swap Zone Setup waits for organized volatility in the swings and yields a minimum of 4:1 R/R. By using the pullback of a previous swing to capture and ride a new swing from its beginning, it offers the least amount of risk combined with the greatest amount of reward. In this course you will learn how to build and execute a complete and consistent trading plan around this method.

This course is still under construction