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Effortless trading is a skill mastered through discovery, practice, and application. The trader's toolkit consists of the willingness to look and observe and to treat each trade as a new creation. At Language of Markets, this is what we dedicate ourselves to.

The Principles of Trading

Principles are fundamental truths. They are the common threads that reveal the essence of things. If we can identify and understand the principles involved in price flow, we are then free to use them to design our trades. This brings the greatest freedom and is the trader's greatest asset. The videos below are brief introductions to these principles.


Everything moves in a process. The more we understand about the process of market structure, the more we stay connected to price.

Relative Structures

By learning to recognize the relationships between market structures, we can orient ourselves to and trade any market. It's all about relationship.

Continued or Change in Behavior

By isolating a continued behavior in a market, we find organization and rhythm in price flow. We can then choose to trade with the continued behavior or trade with the change in behavior.

The Three Types of Trades

There are supply/demand dynamics behind each type of trade. Price can either push along with continued behavior, expand then continue in the same direction or reverse direction.

We refuse to just guess and hope and simply believe. So we look for ourselves and we learn to read the language of markets.

Clips from Live Sessions

Curious about what we do in Live Sessions? Here are some snippets. Once you decide this is for you, you can subscribe on our Products page.

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