Hello Trader

We can never expect to control what markets do. But we can structure our trading for what we can control.

Our Approach

Trading Markets

We recognize that traders strive for simplicity and consistency in their trading. That’s why, at Language of Markets, we dedicate ourselves to using simple and objective trading methods designed to give you control over the things you can control, making your trading grounded, stable and balanced.

What We Do

We structure the language of price into functional methods of trading.

Price flow represents a collective story of human behavior and emotions, the tension between buyers and sellers. This makes a chart more than just a graph of dead lines and bars. Charts tell a story, alive with nuance, inflection, and intricacies. As traders, it’s our job to read and understand that story and then apply a consistent disciplined trading plan.


Learn trading methods for building and executing consistent trade plans and bring structure to your trading by integrating method into function.

Structure and follow markets

Learn to manage risk

Learn to manage self

Learn how to learn

Method, Management & Mindset

A trader’s mindset is as important as method and management. All three must come together in order to trade effectively.

Learn From Price


Read and structure any market to understand price flow and trade independently.

Go With the Flow


Listening is the trader’s greatest tool. Our methods guide the trader in moving with markets.

Follow Price Action


Put it all together into a consistent and disciplined trade plan with the most effective mindset.

Learn How to Learn


Only trading can teach you trading. Become consistent with deliberate practice.

Who We Are

Masters of the Trade

We are traders striving for mastery in effortless trading. This is trading that allows markets to move us in alignment with them. With this focus, mastery becomes the directive of everything we do. A personal commitment to transforming our whole structure of thinking, feeling and way of action. So in trading markets, we listen, follow and join. This is our practice. Mastery of our tools, ourselves and our craft.