Review: Did You Make a Clear Plan? Did You Follow That Plan?

We can break up the review section of the trading into several distinct sections.

1. Review for discipline and personal insight
2. Review for performance (statistics)
3. Review for market insight
4. Review for method development

I’m going to do the first section “Review For Discipline”. We can keep this simple and ask 2 questions.
1. Did you make a clear and objective plan?
2. Did you then do what you said you were going to do in the plan?

These questions demand honest, yes-or-no answers. They force you to confront your trading discipline head-on, without room for excuses or escape. If the answer is no that’s ok, just start over with the commitment to keep at it and don’t spend too much time on regrets. You might need to make your plan clearer or simply learn the discipline to stay with it. Keep in mind that this isn’t about whether you won or lost, it is about learning consistency and discipline.