Learning To Read Price Action Part 1

Learning to read price action is easy. Its a matter of the relationship between buyers and sellers which is expressed in the bars. You don’t have to memorize complicated bar patterns with funny names or dozens of dead mechanical rules and formulas. In this video, I will show how to define a few significant bars, how to mark them out, and then talk about the essence of these price bars and how they relate to price flow. They show you where the controlling areas of buyers/sellers are and filter out the noise in the same manner swings do. In the next post, I will talk about reading a chart with price action.

Where going to study: (WRB stands for wide range bar and is defined as a bar bigger than the previous 3 bars).
•WRB Hard-up/Hard down
•WRB Gaps
•WRB Tails
•WRB Outside bars
•WRB Mirror bars