Learning From One Line

If we want to learn about price flow and trading, it’s best to go directly to price flow itself. By using a simple line we can make observations about how price interacts with that line and allow price to teach us. 

This is one of several One Line practices. It’s meant to enable personal insight and real learning. From this learning you will start to see many ways in which this line can be made functional for your trading. It also teaches you about the dynamics of Median Lines and Action/Reaction.

The instructions are simple: Follow the last 2 relative confirmed swings with a line and make observations as to how price interacts with that line. By isolating the last 2 relative swings, you identify organized behavior in the seemingly chaotic flow of price. It’s an established rhythm. Now you have a way to see if price continues that behavior or if it changes that behavior. In this video I explain this further and practice with a few different markets.


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