How To Practice Part I: Learning to Change With Change

This series is taken from portions of the “How To Practice” course I am currently building for Language of Markets and is designed to shift how you perceive or experience markets. Our actions are always dictated by how we experience what is occurring. This is how we can know a lot about markets and trading but remain inconsistent with our actual results. Unless we change how we perceive markets, we will always react in the same way no matter how much we learn about the technical aspects of markets.

This Video is a simple exercise in the S&P 500 and is about not-knowing and learning to change with change. The market just does what it does, there is no reason, it’s just happening and we just follow it. The market is not good, bad, right or wrong, fair or unfair. Developing this kind of experience in the market takes the emotional charge out of needing to know what is going to happen, and needing to be right or avoid being wrong. Your perception of markets will begin to make a shift to perceiving what is actually happening, rather than fear-based projections of what’s happening, enabling more intelligent and consistent actions.