Foundations of Trading Part 5: Trading Journals

Each trader has their own brand of crazy and we need to see it all cause we can’t improve what we don’t see. The main purpose of a trading journal is to become more conscious of ourselves, markets and of us trading markets. There are many ways to structure it but keep it as simple as possible, personal to your needs and let it evolve as you do. You mainly want to use the trading journal to have a place to be accountable and make observations of your trading. What you find will help you to create any needed disciplines or make any adjustments in what or how you trade.

In the end, we are working towards mastery of our trading craft which requires working towards mastery of ourselves. A trade journal is a tool that helps us take responsibility for everything we think, feel and do when it comes to trading. If you have some resistance to it, just do what you can and ease your way into it. The writing by itself will begin to loosen some things up. In the video, I will give some ideas about how to structure your journal.

Shane Blankenship