Following Live: Theory Into Practice. July- August 2020

In reviewing the USD/CAD and the E-Mini Russel we learned that markets can go sideways for a while not swinging much. I also introduce a percentage measure to test out how far price might go past a balanced swing and confirm a change. This month we will follow Silver futures and CHF/USD. Mapping swings is a simple way to frame and understand any market. One of the lessons I touch on is a video about approaching mapping swings or any method without expectations to get the most out of it.

Following Live: Theory Into Practice. April 2020

Last month we followed the Nasdaq E-Mini futures and NZD/USD into historic volatility and crazy. We mapped and followed them calmly with simple swings the same way we always do, the only difference is that the swings were bigger. This is an important time to stabilize our practice of seeing markets calmly and objectively. I emphasize the word “follow” because there is a big difference between predicting and following. This Month we will follow the Dow E-Mini futures and EUR/USD.

Mapping The S&P E-Mini Weekly

We all see things differently and mostly experience markets through past personal experiences which distorts what is going on. We especially get our buttons pushed during times of high volatility and uncertainty. Mapping markets simply and objectively always needs to be the starting point, to orient ourselves to “What Is” rather than what we want or don’t want. It’s not a trader’s job to predict markets, it’s our job to follow and join them no matter what they are doing. In this video, I map out the E-Mini S&P weekly chart along with a few stocks, AAPL, VRTX, AVGO, SQ, BAC, and GILD.