Clip From Live Session: It’s All About Price, Not You

This is a clip for one of our Live Language of Markets sessions. It was an active day in the markets, so I used the opportunity to demonstrate and ground teachings in an S&P E-Mini market. I walk us through the process of calmly following and trading a market. I show that with an understanding of market structure, we can easily and quickly acclimate ourselves to any market. From there, we can follow the unfolding process of price flow smoothly, changing from long to short back and forth. We do this by making it all about price and what it wants instead of all about us and what we want. The next step is to trade when appropriate with discipline and consistency accepting stops and wins. We know ahead of time, what gets us in, how we will manage the trade, and how we will exit with 5:1 R/R.

Map Any Market in Any Time Frame, Part 3 of 3

Changes in price flow are signaled when swings are broken—when a downswing is broken to the upside, for example. Seeing and making these distinctions intimately connects us to the rhythm of a market and offers the trader greater flexibility in trade options. In this last part of our three-part series on mapping markets in any time frame, we look at the anatomy minor swings and Last Swing Broke.

Summing up the series, we learned how to use swings to map any market in any time frame. This is a practical tool that can be readily applied by a trader at any level.

Map Any Market in Any Time Frame, Part 2 of 3

This is the second of our three-part series on Mapping Any Market in Any Time Frame. In Part I, we learned how to structure markets using only swings. Simple enough, but markets are not static. They are dynamic systems. This means any effort at mapping market structure has to also be dynamic. This is price flow. So we follow and, in following, we develop a connection to a market’s rhythms and learn to change with change. This is fundamentally one of the most important lessons in a trader’s education.

In this video, I introduce the practice of following live markets and highlight the basic tools for developing this practice.

Map Any Market in Any Time Frame, Part 1 of 3

This is the first of a three-part series in which I teach simple and objective ways to map and follow any market in any time frame. Whether you’re trading ticks or minutes or dailies, trading simply and objectively is equivalent to trading based on the facts, not on setups or predictions or magic numbers. This independence comes by way of seeing and isolating market structure and reading the language of price.

Isolate major and minor swings in any market or time frame.