Following Live: Theory Into Practice. July- August 2020

In reviewing the USD/CAD and the E-Mini Russel we learned that markets can go sideways for a while not swinging much. I also introduce a percentage measure to test out how far price might go past a balanced swing and confirm a change. This month we will follow Silver futures and CHF/USD. Mapping swings is a simple way to frame and understand any market. One of the lessons I touch on is a video about approaching mapping swings or any method without expectations to get the most out of it.

Following Live: Theory Into Practice. June 2020

First, we review last month’s Copper futures and the AUD/JPY to see what we can learn. Keep in mind that I set these up as a vehicle so others can learn in their own experience from price flow as it unfolds. You start with the instructions for mapping swings and then learn to see beyond the instructions how swings swing and how you can read and trade them. This month we will follow the Russel Futures and USD/CAD.

Following Live: Theory Into Practice. April 2020

Last month we followed the Nasdaq E-Mini futures and NZD/USD into historic volatility and crazy. We mapped and followed them calmly with simple swings the same way we always do, the only difference is that the swings were bigger. This is an important time to stabilize our practice of seeing markets calmly and objectively. I emphasize the word “follow” because there is a big difference between predicting and following. This Month we will follow the Dow E-Mini futures and EUR/USD.

Following Live: Theory Into Practice, February 2020

Change is the nature of markets, so the most important ability to develop as traders is how to change with change, to practice fluidity and not get stuck so much. The EUR/USD we followed last month was a lesson in practicing being able to flow with change by following relative swings from up to down. The E-Mini S&P taught us how price can push balanced minor swings up. This month we will map and follow Soybean futures and the USD/JPY.

Following Live: Theory Into Practice, January 2020

This month we’re going to map and follow the E-mini S&P and EUR/USD with swings. Last month, we mapped Gold Futures and USD/CAD which I review in the video. In the review, we learned a few things that we can begin to take into our experience and future trades. We learned that the Gold landed right into the pocket of our major projected swing with an intense drop. By mapping and seeing the market in swings, the intensity was pulled out and the wave was easy to see. In USD/CAD we learned how the minor swings can pick up speed and the possibility of using gaps for minor entries along the way.

Following Live: Theory Into Practice, December 2019

Last month we mapped and followed an oil and Aussie chart with simple swings and gaps and these are some of the lessons we learned from this: We saw how minor swings can break and expand and into a major leg. I did a recent post on this in “Taking Out the Cheap Seats“. We learned how mapping swings and seeing in swings can take out the intensity of a chart, thus relaxing us and changing our experience of trading.

This month we will map and follow USD/CAD and Gold Futures.

Following Live: Theory into Practice November 2019

Every month I will pick a futures market and a currency market for us to follow. At the end of each month, I will review these markets to see what we can learn and pick 2 more to follow for the next month. This is where we take theory and ground it into practice. This month’s charts will be Oil Futures and AUS/USD. I had done some previous posts: Map Any Market in Any Time Frame and Do It With Gaps, so we will use these basic methods for structuring our markets.

How you approach this or any exercise determines what you will get out of it. My objectives for this exercise are: to train in isolating relative structures, learn to set myself aside and follow price, learn to change with change as the market flows, learn to learn from price flow itself. I will put this Following Live segment into our newsletter every month, so subscribe if you’re not already on the list and want updates on these posts.

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